Chronicler Tutorial Overview

This page will give you guide of some of the basic features in Chronicler. You can also view the video below to get a quick overview.

To maximize your use of Chronicler, it's important to understand its design. Philip and I created this tool to streamline the process of building a progress note through a series of swift steps. We designed our algorithms and efficient search feature to deliver required statements promptly and effortlessly.

Chronicler can be especially beneficial if you're weary from scrolling or searching for previous statements in your notes or struggling to recall ones you've previously used. It enables quick insertion of these repeated phrases directly into a new note.

Basic Skills

Chronicler's Note Builder guides you through the process of creating a comprehensive progress note. Simply select statements from the scrollable list on the left, and they will be added to your note on the right side of your screen. Don't worry about sifting through all available statements; our advanced search algorithms help find what you need quickly.

For instance, during the intervention step, you can look for specific statements using keywords or modalities like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Navigate between steps by clicking the arrow buttons or using your keyboard arrows.

Search for interventions with modalities or keywords.


Once finished, use the copy button to transfer this note into any electronic health record system of choice. You can start a new note by clicking the new note button on the top right of the screen.


Further customize your notes by adding custom statements with a click of a plus button or hiding them with a minus button. The pencil icon takes you to our format editor where you can add, remove, or rearrange steps to tailor Chronicler to suit your needs.

Our format editor allows you to customize formats, add and remove steps to tailor Chronicler.

Make real-time modifications in the note builder field for more personalized notes.

Access additional customization options and features such as note formats from our menu (represented by three stacked lines) on the left-hand side of your screen.

Clicking on question mark at bottom-right corner will lead you to helpful articles that enhance understanding and usage of Chronicler. You can contact us through the same widget!


  • Practice makes perfect! The more frequently Chronicler is used, it becomes quicker in providing desired statements.

  • Enhance your experience further by exploring resource articles here.

  • You also have an opportunity to refer friends for subscription discounts!

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