Rephrase a note with ChatGPT


This feature allows you to send your progress notes to ChatGPT directly from Chronicler, and have ChatGPT rephrase the writing in a more narrative style. It’s a great way to leverage the clinical foundation of Chronicler’s statements, and get the benefits of A.I.’s writing capabilities.


ChatGPT is not HIPAA compliant. Never send any protected health information (P.H.I.) or other sensitive data, as defined by HIPAA, to ChatGPT. 

What data Chronicler sends to ChatGPT

  • Chronicler does not send statements from the "Identifying Information" step to ChatGPT.

    • If you need to include any P.H.I. or other sensitive data in your note, and you do not want ChatGPT to see it, put it in the "Identifying Information" step.

  • Content from every other step in your note is sent to ChatGPT.

    • For example, if you put a client's first name in the "Interventions" paragraph before sending it to ChatGPT, that data will be sent to ChatGPT.


How to rephrase a note

  1. Compose your note as usual with Chronicler.

  2. Click the green “Rephrase with ChatGPT” button.

  3. Chronicler will send the note to ChatGPT, and then display the rephrased note in the note-builder.

  4. You’re all set! You can edit the note, copy it to your clipboard, or toggle back to the original Chronicler note content.